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Bienvenue! Bienvenidos! Welcome!| Study Abroad blog

Updated: Apr 26

Girl sat on a bridge at sunset in Paris

Welcome to my Study Abroad Blog

So this is my first blog post on Oui! Sí!Yes! I’ve attempted to blog before but I failed miserably at it so hopefully a second time around will be better. I have to admit, I was a little bit hesitant to start a blog because I know it’s very cliché and a ‘millennial’ thing to do (especially if you are documenting your gap year or year abroad. I honestly wanted to find a creative outlet whilst I was away and to also keep my friends and family up to date.

I’m Natasha and I’m a 20-year-old Liberal Arts student at Durham University. As part of my degree, I study English Literature, French and Spanish and I’m currently on my year abroad. I’ve chosen to split my year quite unconventionally by separating it into three parts rather than 2 six-month blocks. I’m currently on part one which is working in France. I’m currently based in Paris for the summer (July-September) working as an office manager for a co-working company. Whilst completing an intense internship I’m squeezing in time to explore Paris with my friends (and occasionally on my own) and make some memories in the short amount of time that I have here. I’ll then be heading off to Valencia, Spain for 8 months to work as an English language assistant in a high school as part of the British Council Language Assistant Program. I’m both terrified and excited about this prospect but I’m trying to keep an open mind; not overthink and embrace all opportunities that come my way. As for the third part of my year abroad, I don’t have any concrete plans at the moment but I’d love to come back to Paris and work again however I’m also interested in taking a language course or working in either Marseille, Bordeaux or Lyon.

My main aims for this blog are pretty simple; it’s a way for my friends and family to keep up to date with my year abroad adventures whilst I’m in France and Spain and also as a way to keep myself accountable and to try new things. Hopefully, it can provide insight into what a study abroad placement is about for other language students who are preparing for their own. Without sounding like a cliché, I do want to start saying yes to more things- hence the title of the blog. Moving to a new town or city is a big step- especially when you only know a handful of people there- but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone whilst in said new place is perhaps an even bigger challenge. It’s easy to sit in your room bingeing on Netflix rather than going out and experiencing the city that you’re in (NOTE: this is also fine to do, and sometimes necessary to give yourself a break but don’t let it consume your year abroad). Oui!sí!yes! is my way of making sure I put myself out there and try new things. I’ve already become so much more confident and open-minded and I’ve barely started! Bear with me as I get to grips with this whole blogging thing, they’ll be pictures (maybe videos/ vlog type things), recipes and reviews of touristy/sightseeing things as well as the hidden treasure troves. Whether it's dancing Cuban salsa on the Seine or climbing up to the top of Notre Dame I’m going to try my best to document my experiences and share any tips that I have. So, come along with me as I navigate this crazy year abroad, it’ll be worth it!

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