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Get to Know Me 

Hi, my name is Natasha, but everyone calls me Tash. I'm a 26-year-old  who's from Manchester, UK. After finishing my degree in Liberal Arts at Durham University I moved to Limoges, France to work as an English teacher at the local university. Four years later, I'm still living abroad, having transitioned into a career in digital marketing! I've always been creative and had my head in a book or was always scribbling in journals as a kid, so blogging seemed like the next logical step for me.

How did Oui!Si!Yes!Start?  

I had always wanted to start a blog but was always a bit afraid to put myself out there, but during my language studies I had the opportunity to live abroad in France and Spain and this seemed like the perfect time to document my journey. 

What is Oui!Si!Yes!? 

Oui! Si! Yes! has always been and will always be a passion project of mine. I wanted to blog about solo travel and putting yourself there as a twenty-something-year-old. As I've grown, so has the Oui Si Yes philosophy and I'm hoping that my blog can inspire you, wherever you are, to reach out and achieve your goals, whether to travel, learn a language or start taking more affirmative action in your life. The sole purpose of Oui! S! Yes! to make sure we escape our comfort zone once in a while and to try the things that perhaps scare us. 

I hate being put in a box, I wouldn't describe OSY as a travel blog but more broadly a lifestyle blog. I mainly cover travel, living abroad, language learning, art and culture, mental health and so much more.


Take some time to explore the blog, there's something on here for everyone and feel free to reach out if you want to collaborate on a project.

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