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Mooching around Milan:A Vlog

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

So, this week I've decided to do something a little different. I love blogging, writing and playing with words. However when myself and my friends Paige and Jacob went to Milan I wanted to capture our trip in a different form, so I made a vlog. A vlog- for some of you guys who aren't up to date with millennial speak- is a port-manteau of 'video-blog'. I wanted to show my personality in a video, without being heavily edited and to show you what its like totravel with me. However, this was easier said than done- my video is a simple D.I.Y job- the first edited video that I've made- it was filmed on an iPhone and edited on one too so please don't expect high level production quality. I debated heavily about posting it but I decided why not? I had fun filming and whilst I may not have a future as a YouTuber I definitely learned some tricks and tips along the way.

Now I am far from a good vlogger- if anything I would argue that I'm sub-par but I definitely learned a few new things from this vlogging experiment:

a) It's not easy at all- finding the right camera angle is a struggle, making sure its facing the right way (whoops- hence why most if not all of this video in portrait and not landscape mode).

b) Its time consuming- when I travel I want to relish the moment and to log means setting up the shot and sometimes repeating yourself. Also editing a video- even though it may only be 6 minutes long- is so time consuming!

c) I ramble a lot. I mean, I already knew that but blogging highlighted to me all of the little fillers that I use, hedging techniques and my weird little quirks that not many of you get to see. However, I didn't want to made this a superficial and highly edited video, it's unfiltered and it captured what a great time I had travelling with my friends.

I'm not very good at culling content and I have six minutes of footage from the first day alone. So, there will be a part two which will explore in greater depth the second day of our trip. I'm super anxious about putting this up but it all falls into my philosophy of trying new things- if you like it then great! If you don't... then maybe don't tell me haha (all jokes aside I would love some feedback- you can always learn from constructive criticism). So sit back, relax and I hope that you enjoy the video!

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