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A Parisian Bucket List (part 2)

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

And so, the list continues...

16. Visit Galeries Layfette

I was really lucky to experience Paris in both the Summer and the Winter. Paris at Christmas time is truly magical- I visited my friends last December and I was desperate to see Galerie Lafayette- especially its free rooftop with an amazing view of the city. It's a bit pricey for me- as it's filled with luxury brands- more of an up market Trafford Centre!

17. Visit Jardin du Tuileries properly with a book and baguette

I love Jardin du Tuileries, it's one of my favourite gardens in Paris but its always crowded because no-one in Paris can actually afford an apartment and a garden! Nonetheless it's a really nice place to sit and chill.

18. Musée d’Orsay

This has to be my favourite museum in Paris- even more than the Louvre. Musée d'Orsay used to be a railway train station. I visited twice- they had some of Van Gogh's works in the permanent collection and I even wrote my French Year Abroad Project on their exhibition on "Le Modèle Noir (The Black Model)".

19. Go to Versailles on Friday night and watch the fireworks

I have such fond memories of visiting Versailles with my friend Richard- that night we really bonded with one another, meandering through the neatly pruned French Gardens. I would say that seeing the fireworks and the music show in Versailles is definitely worth it. Versailles is rich in history and it is the epicentre of luxe and French decadence.

20. Go to a spoken word night at Au chat noir (near Parmentier)- not on in August but starts again September 3rd (free entry and €1 exit fee)

A few weeks ago I went to a Spoken Word night which I have been dying to go to. It was a free event which happens every Monday evening. It was a really inclusive environment- everyone is welcome to share their own poetry or to read poems from their favourite artists. It reminded me of my school years where I participated in Poetry by Heart Competitions. If you fancy a night of poetry and fun head down to Au Chat Noir- the drinks are cheap and there are so many different poets, there's something for everyone.

21. Do a walking tour of Montmartre and follow the steps of Amèlie Poulain (Sit and have a coffee at les Deux moulins where Amèlie was filmed)- I wrote a whole blogpost on this topic which I'll leave a link too.

22. Go and experience open-air cinema as part of the summer festival in Paris. 19th arrondissement

A work colleague told me about the annual open air cinema festival at Parc de la Villette in Northern Paris each summer. It's a free event and there are a range of films- different genres so there is something for every taste. My friend Jake and I went o see Almodovar's "Atame" (Time me Up, Tie me Down) in Spanish with French subtitles- at the time it was super difficult to keep up with. It's a great opportunity to have a picnic- there are lots of international films- it was one of my highlights from last summer!

23.Explore the hipster area of Belleville a little more- Parc de Belleville

I can actually say now that I lived in the Belleville neighbourhood of Paris- it's an extremely ethnically and culturally diverse area. Not far from my house is the Parc du Belleville- when I first arrived back in Paris this summer I made a bee-line to Parc du Belleville to journal. It's such a nice park and not too overpopulated by tourists. Belleville is full of street art too- which I'm always on the hunt for. The 11th arrondissement is becoming extremely gentrified- pros and cons to this- yet with it comes a lot of diversity and choice for young people.

24. Have a great hip hop night out

I have had quite a few good nights out in Paris over the past two summers. Some of my favourite spots are Wanderlust, in the 13th arrondissement- which does amazing themed nights. I've been to a Brazilian Funk night, they do Soul Nights and also hip hop music. I have also been to the Moulin Rouge quite often, they have a nightclub called Le Machine, which is a little pricey but so much fun.

25. Wander through the Paris Passages i.e. Galerie Vivienne, Passage de Panoramas, Galerie Vero-Dodat and Passage Colbert

One Saturday I stumbled upon Galerie Vivienne,it was like a stroke of fate- I wasn't searching for it yet it had been on this bucket list for around a year. I then decided, heck I have a whole day to myself- why not find the other two. There isn't anything too groundbreaking about these three Arcades. They are filled with independent shops; some on the pricier side but still fun to see.

26. Visit La Saint Chappelle Church

I visited this iconic church during last years Journée du Patrimonies- I'll leave a link to my post all about it.

27. Visit Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Again I wrote a whole post on my visit to Pere Lachaise Cemetery last summer which is linked here:

28. Visit la Promenade Plantée

I can't quite remember why Promenade Plantée was on my list- I think I read it in a guidebook. It's nothing extradorinaiy but a nice park in the 12th arrondissement. If you're in the area I would recommend giving it a visit, but likewise there are so many parks in Paris, this one isn't anything special.

29. Order a pink flamingo pizza on the seine

I really wanted to do this before the weather got bad in Paris but I couldn't. Oh well- maybe next summer!

30. Do a tour of the catacombs

I recently visited the catacombs- it was one of the most surreal and disturbing things I'v ever done. It's a little discomforting seeing all of those bones piled onto of one another. I found it easier to imagine the bones as part of the architecture rather than the reality that they are human remains. If you're into the morbid and macabre this would be right up your alley- I would recommend purchasing an audio guide to get specific information. However I do think that it is something to see- but try and book your tickets in advance- don't be like me and wait 90 minutes in the queue!

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